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How You Can Use a Backpack Name Tag in New Jersey

Keeping students organized and safe during dismissal is one of the primary challenges facing elementary schools. The chaos after the final bell can make identifying individual children and figuring out where they should be headed nearly impossible -- even for the most committed team of teachers and staff. Now, you can make your job easier and improve life for kids and adults alike with something as simple as a backpack name tag in New Jersey.

At Signs and Tags, LLC, we’re here to help schools operate smoothly during dismissal. Our line of products offers a fun, streamlined solution for organizing students on their way home. From the bus line to parent pick-up, our tags allow you to sort and manage kids by knowing at a glance where they should be. Turn to us for car visor signs, as well as tags for:

  •  Bus Riders
  • Car Riders
  • Walking or Biking Students
  • Before/After School Attendees

Increasing Safety and Efficiency

With our student name tags, you can do much more than create orderly lines. These resources are invaluable when it comes to providing a safe environment and speeding parents, kids, and teachers on their way at the end of the day. By avoiding jumbled crowds and chaotic dismissal areas, you can prevent dangers like:

  • Accidental Bus Boarding
  • Collisions between Children
  • Ill-Intentioned Strangers
  • Lost and Confused New Students

Plus, everyone can get home sooner when you don’t have to search out the children who need to find buses, parents, or a safe walking path. If you’ve ever had to constantly call for a student in the car line or try to figure out the difference between boarding and loitering the in the bus loop, you know how much time teachers and staff could save simply by being able to easily enforce dismissal rules.

Protecting Student Property

As technology and specialized textbooks become an increasingly integrated part of school life for younger students, losing a backpack on the bus can cost a lot more than it used to. It can also impact academic performance when kids don’t have their study materials or class worksheets. Our school bus backpack tags help students keep their stuff safe by clearly marking it in case of confusion. They’re also a great help to drivers who need to know who should be riding as soon as they step aboard, and can be labeled with an appropriate bus number.

Contact us today for more information about our tags. We proudly serve New Jersey and ship throughout the United States.

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